Environmental Services

Over recent years, the amount and intensity of governmental regulation to protect wetlands and water resources has increased drastically causing environmental concerns to be a significant part of almost every project.
M&S provides extensive experience in current environmental regulations and permitting processes. This knowledge is utilized not only to provide environmental services, but also to develop an environmentally sensitive and viable design.
Through our many years of experience in coordinating and preparing flood hazard, wetlands, riparian zones, dam safety, and waterfront development permit applications, M&S has developed an excellent working relationship with NJDEP.
In addition, M&S has experience working with PADEP, Coastal Area Flood Review Act (CAFRA), the Pinelands Commission, New Jersey Board of Health, and various Soil Conservation Districts.



  • Wetland Delineation
  • Environmental Assessment
  • LOI and Wetland Permits
  • Flood Hazard Permits
  • Riparian Buffer Compensation
  • Dam Safety Permits
  • Soil Erosion & Sediment Control Permits
  • Pinelands Permits
  • CAFRA Permits
  • Highlands Application
  • NEPA Documentation